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grail ISSUE NO. 1 SPRING 2019 FEATURING Zayneb Azzam


published + featured: grail

photography + videography: co-lab creative studio

styled in: tiyi, Jude Benhalim, and okhtein

styling: sheri roushdy

makeup: zeina mostafa

hair: mohamed al sagheer salons

location: hilton king’s ranch

contributors: ventity, dana reda, and habiba zein


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Young and glamorous, Zayneb Azzam is a modeling force to be reckoned with. Her culturally-diverse background and vibrant personality only add to the natural beauty that won her the privilege of being one of Egypt’s top models.

Zayneb Azzam is a highly-acclaimed model based in Cairo. She was born in London, to an Egyptian father and Turkish mother. Zayneb spent much of her childhood growing up in New York City, before moving to her home country upon completing high school. She decided to pursue an undergraduate degree specializing in psychology at the American University in Cairo, and that is where her passion turned into profession.

As a college student, Zayneb accepted an offer to model for a local brand.. and she hasn’t looked back ever since. She has built a competitive repertoire that not only places her amongst the top models in Egypt, but challenges the Middle East as a whole.

Bracing our debut cover, Zayneb’s combination of impeccable style and contagious confidence fits perfectly with Grail and the essence of our debut issue. We had the distinct honor of interviewing Zayneb Azzam on the sidelines of our exclusive photoshoot.

grail issue no. 1 Spring 2019 - lost in the supermarket


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The supermarket is a casual everyday destination for all. The young and the old, the married and the single, the sophisticated and the hipster. It gathers people from all walks of life and discriminates no one. You could even say the supermarket serves as a communal social space where different cultures and lifestyles collide. But who knew it could be your personal runway too? We made a stop at the supermarket on our way to fashion week and with the excitement of all the coming fashion shows and collection reveals, we brought some of our inspirations to life. Yes, at the supermarket. We proved that it’s never about the location. It’s about what you can bring to it. And with Grail, we sure brought something worthy.

In this collaboration with dstore and Mansi Eyewear, we were able to bring off-the-runway luxury looks to an everyday casual destination. From Ralph Lauren to Burberry, we take you behind the scenes of Grail’s exclusive winter photoshoot that will make you want to dress up the next time you head to the grocery store.
Right off the racks of dstore, we styled our model with a marvelous all-Ralph Lauren fit paired with boots by Tod’s. The all-black garb was the result of seeking a ‘rock chic’ look suitable for a winter evening at the market. Pulled right out of the latest Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter collection, it was exactly what we were looking for. The collection as a whole was inspired by New York City, as Ralph Lauren himself revealed. And what’s more New York than grocery shopping and urban luxury? Focusing on black and beige, the dark-palette vibe of the collection is both edgy and timeless.

Our model, Hoda, also braced another outfit during her grocery shopping, with a sporty and bright Burberry cut-sleeve button-up complimented by DSquared2 boots, thanks to dstore. And as for Mansi Eyewear, the highly-acclaimed Vogue sunglasses from the Gigi Hadid collection were offered. The collaborative collection between Vogue and Gigi Hadid is our favorite eyewear collection in recent memory.

No matter the setting, fashion has the capability to adapt. And with Grail, we’re determined to spread that message. Grail believes in expressing yourself through fashion, regardless of where you are and what you’re doing. Grail presents ‘Lost in the Supermarket’.

grail issue no. 1 Spring 2019 - WALKING FLAMES


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We are beyond excited to have collaborated with our absolute favorite Cali Girl, Kayla in one hot photoshoot in Los Angeles, California. It’s not an understatement to say that Kayla has left an influence on us and even redefined our vision. Never missing a fashion show, Kayla left us with our fair share of inspiration and fashion forward news. Dressed in Prada, our knockout was literally walking in flames. Since the shoot, we never believed more in the power of statement pieces. The iconic Prada flame sandals are impossible to overlook, and the combination of denim and leather was the cherry on top for us.

published + featured: grail


styling: sheri roushdy


location: Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

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