Your Ten Go-To Trends for this Summer


Consider summer 2019 a challenge for you to get experimental. Trends, this season, are not for the fearful. You need courage and boldness to pull them off. Colors, shapes, and beads are all in for the summer. Trying fun vibrant looks will have you looking fresh and lively throughout the season. These following trends are going to add spice to your summer style. 



The color in these items is definitely an attention grabber. These prints on luxurious materials such as silk or satin will have you looking elegant in a youthful way that hasn’t really been done before. Sharp glasses or bags with heavy chains can be paired with these items to make the look come together harmoniously.


Beaded Jewelry 

Patterns rich in colors for your jewelry will give resort vibes to your outfit. Designers have been creating fun pieces rather than sophisticated ones. If you wear beaded jewelry pieces with a plain white shirt or a bland blouse, they will definitely elevate your look, taking it from boring to summer-y.


Pony Scarf

Ditch a regular ponytail and take it to the next level by adding a silk scarf to it. If you want to go overboard (which is totally recommended) find a longer scarf that can drape easily and elegantly.


Short Suits

Blazers and shorts go great together, believe me. Short suits in technicolor are all you need to make a bold statement with your style.


Chic Flip Flops

Probably something we’ve all been yearning for. Flip flops as a trend is so convenient and comfortable. Make your outfit inspo the city and the beach, you won’t regret it. 


Feminine Menswear 

Adding an oversized blazer to a summer dress is all the rage this summer. Mixing both styles makes a very interesting contrast that will definitely make you feel badass while looking in the mirror. 


Provincial Chic

Milk maid dresses are back but this time with various shapes and styles. The flowery print is indescribably delicate and cheerful.  Add a matching cardigan and maybe a basket bag and you’re good to go.



They come in all shapes and sizes. The vibrancy of those will boost your simple outfit and make you look casually chic.


Animal Prints

Do not be scared to try new patterns. Experimenting is your best friend so rock that tiger, zebra, or even cow print.


Oversized Blazers

These are suitable for any outfit whether you wanna pair them with dress pants and heels or jeans and sneakers. Oversized blazers are versatile, elegant, and come in so many different colors you can choose from. Add them to your wardrobe this summer and they’ll definitely be your go-to items.

Exclusive Grail Content Naira Mostafa, Contributing Editor