The Hottest Destinations for the Ultimate Summer Getaway


Eid is on the corner, summer kicked in, and we've never been so in need of a vacation. We've got you whether you're a mountains and desert person all the way or you choose the beach over anything everytime. This summer, we decided to go off the beaten track for a chill experience since we know you've been longing for this. And yes, all these dream getaways are in Egypt because you don't need to go through visa hassle and costly flight tickets to have some peace of mind.



Head to Taba for a breather along pristine turquoise waters and a picturesque view of the mountains. It's absolutely guaranteed that there you'll laze in the sun and relax in a quiet mood. In Taba, you won't need to worry about the beach brimming with tourists or noisy families. A gem alongside the Gulf of Aqaba on the east of Sinai, Taba is the perfect peaceful escape combining the best of both worlds: mountains and the sea. At the heart of Taba, a hidden divers' heaven, Fjord Bay, lies. There you can dive in the 24 meter deep hole to marvel over colorful corals and fascinating marine life. The bay is situated within rugged mountains that would make a good climb with a memorable view. Brace yourselves for the must see Saladin's Castle Zaman, a short ferry trip from Taba. From this spectacular fort in the middle of the sea you'll have an unforgettable view of four countries - Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia - just from where you're standing. Taba also boasts a museum of its own that showcases Sinai's history from pharaonic ages to modern times. This laid back beauty is not short of luxurious resorts and world class restaurants. Taba of course never lacks adventure, in fact its heights offer an exhilarating safari experience.


Bahariya Oasis and The White Desert

Located on the Western Desert is Egypt's best kept secret. Also 365 km from Cairo, Bahariya is the most accessible of the oases. Explore the true Sahara and Bedouine life in Bahariya Oasis and it's surrounding desert. There you can check into a stone lodge, de-stress by the palms, unwind in the natural springs, and experience the intoxicating bedouin life. It's essential to have a dip in the refreshing natural pools, both hot and cold, and take in the majestic sight of the golden dunes. You must not leave before going on the safari to the White Desert and you'll simply feel like you landed on the moon. Camping there is highly recommended to let the otherworldly landscape sink in. Along the serene vibes, admire a natural museum of chalk rock and features mushroom-like calcium rock formations created by years of erosion. Spending the night and stargazing is not for the faint hearted, for the starlit skies reflecting off the glowing white stones is one striking vision. Also make sure you don't miss Gebil Desit, a pyramid shaped mountain overlooking the oasis that houses dinosaur fossils.


Marsa Alam

Maldives, Seychelles, and Bora Bora step aside for this untouched Egyptian beauty. Marsa Alam is a paradise with tranquil crystal clear waters located on the red sea, south east Egypt. Rated as one of the best beach destinations in the world, Marsa Alam is home to soft golden sand and breathtaking marine life. In Abu Dabab Bay, you can come across sea turtles, a common sight, and if you get lucky you'll encounter octopuses, crocodile fish, and dugongs (sea cows). Drop by Sharm El Luli to check out the heavenly beach rated No. 3 in the Middle East. For an out of this world swim, Marsa El Nayzak, a natural pool formed by a meteor, is a must visit. Don't forget that Marsa Alam is the perfect place for divers and kite surf enthusiasts. Aside from it's dazzling natural charm, there you can find top notch resorts and hotels.

Exclusive Grail Content Youmna Halawa, Senior Editor