The Biggest Makeup Trend of Spring 2019


Spring is here and we all know exactly what that means: colors. It’s time to let go of your nude makeup looks and start experimenting with loud, bright colors. Draw your inspiration from the greens, pinks, and yellows you’ll be seeing more of in these coming months to feel like a blossoming flower.

Dark lipstick season is over ladies! Trade that for blush pink or bright colors you’ve never tried before. Not to mention, of course, the extra highlighter that you’ll add to your makeup look so you can look like a glowing goddess. 

This season, we’re going all out with colorful eyeshadow. Forget the smokey eyes you’ve been wearing all year, this time around we’re wearing eye makeup that’s far from subtle. Don’t just pick one color for your eyelids. Add multiple colors and blend them all together to get that young, fresh look. The application is easier than you might think too; just apply the shadows on concentrated parts of your eyes and blend them all together with a fluffy crease brush. 


Bright eyeliner colors are too fun for you to just stick to black and brown. A bold color for an eyeliner is such a great idea if you’re not going to apply much makeup on ur face. It makes you look stylish so effortlessly that you don’t really need any lipstick. Get out of your comfort zone and try it! It’s definitely worth a shot. 

Monochromatic makeup looks are also very in this spring. Instead choosing different tones for your eyes, cheeks, and lips, just stick with one color for all three. Peachy pastels are perfect for any outfit you will be wearing and will give you this sun kissed, fresh look. 

One thing you should really consider doing, is wearing a lightweight foundation mixed with a little bit of highlighter and rock that natural glow. Bronzing up your face is always a great option as well. This look is very practical and quick and not to mention it will make your face look smooth and healthy. 


If you’re a risqué girl and you love trying out new things, trade your boring old black mascara for a bright blue one! Or maybe green, or orange, or pink...the list goes on and on. You won’t need to do anything else to your face. It’s the easiest way to look like you tried without even trying at all.


Did you know that matte lipstick is so last season? It’s all about glosses these days and we absolutely love it. We’re so excited to be wearing glossy lips with a dewy face and just embracing the sunshine on our skin. Try to pick products that aren’t sticky or heavy so you don’t feel uncomfortable throughout the day. We recommend the Away We Glow NYX liquid highlighter and the Fenty Beauty lipglosses. 


Metallic looks have been underrated for so long, and it’s time they rise and shine like how they should’ve so long ago. Metallic eyeshadows and lip colors will make you look like a literal gold dripping queen. Never underestimate the power of a golden eye. It always looks so rich and pretty.

Just like you should go bold with your eyes, you should do the same with your lips. Neon lipsticks are what you need to set yourself aside from the boring old crowd. Sure nude lips are chic and all, but neon lips are dangerous and daring. Match your lips with your outfit and you will look like the hottest it girl in the room. 

Exclusive Grail Content Naira Mostafa, Contributing Editor