The Big Reveal of Rihanna’s Debut Fenty Collection

Photo: Courtesy of Fenty

Photo: Courtesy of Fenty

For the past year, fans have been dying to find out what Rihanna’s been up to. This year, she reveals her best-kept secret, Fenty. Now we can finally get a look at Rihanna’s first Fenty collection. Rihanna, founder and artistic director of the brand, will be making history as the first black woman to head a LVMH brand. As we get a good look at some of the pieces, we realize that they all scream Rihanna! We can’t help but notice that the inspiration behind her new business venture is her incredible day-to-day style. Rihanna has been sporting lots of oversized suits and blazers lately, no wonder her collection contains so many powerful and creative attires. As she harnesses that power and influence that comes with her name, the key to Fenty's success will sure not be based on just that, knowing that she’s been keeping from the world her hidden fashion talent. Take a look below at Fenty’s first-ever collection. 

Photos: Courtesy of Fenty

Photos: Courtesy of Fenty

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