The 10-Minute Full-Body Workout You'll Be Doing All Summer


Summer is calling and as much as we can’t wait to go to the beach and sip our coconuts, we know we need to get in shape for those fun swimsuits and mini skirts. Getting in shape can be a lengthy process and it differs from one body to another, but we found you a fast and efficient daily cardio workout that will target your whole body in just ten minutes. We recommend doing three to four sets of this workout for quicker results!


High Knee Twists

For this exercise, you need to run in one spot bringing your knees towards the opposite direction. This will help you strengthen your inner and outer thigh. It also burns calories insanely quick and you will definitely see your obliques getting more defined day by day.


Jump Squats

Because this is a ten minute workout, intensifying it will work better than doing easy exercises that won’t give you fast results, so bare with us. Get in a position of a squat and jump in one second intervals. These are crazy tough but they work on your core, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and even tone your calves, so they’re definitely worth it! 


High Knees & Jump Squats

Well, this one will definitely make you hate us but once you see the miracles it will make in your body, you will love us again. Combine the first two exercises, except keep your knees straight this time. Alternate between the two exercises every ten seconds. The intensity of this is so high results will totally show in a week or two. 


Lunges and Skater Jumps 

Do a regular lunge then do a skater jump right and left after each one respectively. The lunges will target your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings in your thighs and the skater jumps will make your calves look nicely toned. 


Lateral Plank Walks 

Get in a regular plank position and start moving to your side then get back in your position and repeat for 60 seconds. As painful as this is, it will help you strengthen your core and your upper and lower body muscles as well as improve your balance altogether.


Butt Kicks

These might sound simple but trust me, it is definitely a calorie burner. Run in your place, except this time you will touch your butt with your feet every time you raise them from the ground. These will definitely tone your legs and give you that curvy figure! 


Heel Touches

Bring you foot up and touch your heel as quick as you can before alternating. This will target the oblique muscular that are located on your sides and work on slimming your waist.


Split-Lunge Jump

This will target your legs and give you a more rounded butt in no time. It is an advanced move so it’s understandable if you’re out of breath after two of these. If it’s too hard for you, you can go with regular lunges. 


High-Knee Lunges

You probably hate lunges by now but this move is help correct muscle imbalances and work your legs and core. 



Help your muscles relax with a few minutes if stretching then you’re good to go! You’ll definitely hate us and love us after this. 

Exclusive Grail Content Naira Mostafa, Contributing Editor