The Correlation Between Sound and Style

If we thought about any iconic musician, a correlation between sound and style occurs in our minds. We instantly think of Britney Spears in a schoolgirl mini-skirt or Cher in a beautiful bedazzled golden two piece costume. There is a very strong connection between the two art spectrums and that is what paved the way for musicians to establish themselves as fashion designers. 


The shift from music to fashion is easier now that we have all these artists successfully creating their own brands. Rihanna now has her line with LMVH that easily ranked it with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Fendi. There is Kanye West with his very own Yeezy that took the fashion world by storm since its launch, and DJ Virgil Abloh starting Off-White and introducing a fresh new perspective to high-end fashion. 

For so long, artists have been seated in the front rows of every fashion show. They have been so involved in the fashion world but without really participating. Endorsing products or posing for ads, all of that helped artists become very aware of how brands operate. Because artists have a solid fanbase, it’s not hard for them to sell their products. So that’s exactly what happened: artists took the plunge and started creating their own fashion houses. 


Rihanna has been in the spotlight for the past few years as she grew more prominent in both the music and fashion industry. She has been making money the smart way, making cosmetics, creating her high-end fashion brand Fenty, and selling luxury nightwear. She has managed to create a fashion-forward brand and that is what made her products so popular. 

When artists emerge into the fashion world, it is no surprise they will make changes to fit their own vision. Rihanna changed the game completely by cancelling the six month wait on receiving any of her items. She told Vogue at her Fenty launch in Paris that, “There’s no tease. You see it, love it and want it. And that’s because I’m like that, I want things right away.” She praises LMVH for being flexible to manifest her perspective and allow her to do things her own way.


It is interesting to see how artists-turned-designers form their vision and get inspired by music to design pieces of clothing. For Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear, fashion and DJ-ing are similar in the sense that both art forms allow people to harmonize and essentially feel enjoyment as a result. The originality comes from alternating between genres whether it be in music or in fashion. 


There is no meaning to limitation. Recent years have been celebrating the diversity within individuals. Boxing people in according to their main profession poisons creativity, therefore, breaking those invisible restrictions results in exceptional things like Fenty, Yeezy, and Off-White. Benji B, Louis Vuitton’s official music director, says that “There is a history of artists not wanting to be restricted to one medium, and when I look at most of my interns, they know how to use the music programs but also how to use Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. You no longer have to exist in those linear streams of definition.” 

It’s safe to say that fashion and music coinciding has been revolutionary and exciting. When mixing inspiration from two of the finest forms of art like fashion and music, it cannot end on a negative note.

Exclusive Grail Content Naira Mostafa, Junior Editor