Shape Your Brows Like A Pro


Let’s face it, your brows are the key to your makeup look. If the arch isn’t perfected, it feels like your look did not come together. Of course, now you’re asking, “how am I going to do that?” and we have your answer. The perfect brows need a good technique and the right products. Don’t worry, we got you! Below you can find some of our favorite tips and tricks for those on-fleek brows.


Use a Tint to Darken Them 

Use the Unbelieva-Brow LongWear Brow Gel to tint your brows up to three days! If you don’t want to tend to your eyebrows daily. Fill them in on a Friday and the results will wear out on Monday! The product contains special polymers that coat and hang TF on the brow hairs. This makes the product withstand water splashes, friction on your pillow while sleeping, etc.


Contour Your Brows to Create a Shape 

This four-in-one pen is a lifesaver! Use the lighter shade from your the beginning of your eyebrow to your arches, and then use the darker one toward the edges. Finally, define them with the deepest shade in the pen, and then finish it all up with some highlighter under your brow bone to make your eyes pop.


Hold Them Up with Mousse

The ColorStay Brow Mousse adds volume to your brows to make them appear thicker and sexier. Just brush them up and watch the magic happen. 


MicroTips for an Illusion

If your have thin eyebrows you can create the illusion of fuller brows using the TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen. Forget micro-blading, this stuff is a lot less scary and gets the job done. 


Dimension at Last

Adding a lighter color to your brows will make it look almost like you have no makeup on. Use the Laura Mercier Brow Dimension Fiber Infused Color Gel for that wonderfully natural finish.

Exclusive Grail Content Naira Mostafa, Contributing Editor