How Diala Jamaleddin Fell in Love with Yoga

Photo: Courtesy of Diala Jamaleddin | Instagram: @dialajamaleddin

Photo: Courtesy of Diala Jamaleddin | Instagram: @dialajamaleddin

Diala Jamaleddin is a Cairo based Syrian fitness specialist that has a profound love for yoga and the peace it brings upon one’s body and soul. Despite her major in Graphic Design, Diala chose to follow her passion for yoga. She believes yoga is a brilliant way to control your body and stay calm. The dedicated yoga instructor is here to talk to Grail about her experience in yoga and share some tips and tricks for anyone who’s interested in approaching a similar path.

You have to be willing to work on your goals without limiting yourself with negative thoughts and comparisons.
— Diala Jamaleddin

How were you first introduced to yoga?

I ran into a series of yoga videos on social media, and that was that. I started imitating some moves. From stretches to different techniques. I knew yoga would be of benefit to my mobility, especially since I was an avid tennis player and CrossFit competitor. But when I pursued yoga in Nepal, I really got to know the essence of yoga and discovered it was much more than I first imagined.

What made you decide to turn it into a lifestyle?

The moment I started feeling that getting on my mat is a getaway for me and was the place where I  can completely clear my mind, feel every part of my body and lose all the tension; That's when I felt like I wanted to pass this feeling to everyone around me and spread awareness to people about the importance and wonders of Yoga

Even when I am extremely tired or sick, I instantly lose that feeling once I get on my mat and start teaching. That alone amazes me! 
— Diala Jamaleddin

What’s your favorite thing about teaching yoga?

My favorite thing about teaching Yoga is, first, the fact that I totally forget about every single thing outside. Even when I am extremely tired or sick, I instantly lose that feeling once I get on my mat and start teaching. That alone amazes me! Second and more importantly, is seeing people's faces when they learn to control their bodies in different ways and do things they never believed possible. Also helping an athlete get more comfortable in their sport because of better range of motion and mobility, stronger core and more control. There are many reasons that make my teaching journey very rewarding and beautiful!


Do you have any advice to beginner yogis?

My advice to beginner Yogis is to not get intimidated by other advanced Yogis. I know how that feels and I still feel it sometimes. We all get intimidated when starting something new in our lives. But don't let that get to you. You have to be willing to work on your goals without limiting yourself with negative thoughts and comparisons. Just start your yoga journey with an open heart and zero expectations.

Do you think diet plays a huge role in one’s practice?

Definitely. No doubt! One of the things that really affects my practice and my mood is food. You should see me when I'm not eating healthy! I become less efficient, I get drained with i become negative energy and unmotivated. Whenever I'm eating clean and sleeping well, everything changes for the better! My mood, my efficiency, and my performance.

Can you tell us more about your diet?

I eat everything and love everything! And I don't like to cut anything from my diet except for white sugar and fried food, Also I rarely include any dairy products.

My meals are balanced, rich in veggies and raw salads. Green juices in the morning then fruits and nuts for snacks. I drink a lot of water, exceeding 3 liters everyday. 

What’s Diala’s go-to healthy snack?

Popcorn, apples with peanut butter, and dates with dark chocolate.

Many people struggle with reaching their body goal in a healthy way, what would you say are the three most important factors?

The most important three things to help people reach their goal body in a healthy way are;

First, cutting white sugar and being strict about it.

Second, following a balanced diet, and never being extreme with diets or exercising.  

Third and most importantly, is taking care of your mental health, not just physical health. For example, start doing positive things that help you gain more confidence and bring more in peace into your life.


What’s it like coaching at Hit Clan?

I've been coaching at HIT for almost 5 years now, and I have never once felt like I was in the wrong place! I enjoy it so much and I believe in it to an extent that I'm positive that it will grow bigger all around Egypt and even in the entire Middle East.

How do you manage being both a yoga instructor and a fitness coach at the same time?

Well, I’m passionate about both being a fitness coach and a yoga instructor. Why? Because both fitness and yoga have had a big positive influence on my life and both helped me reach my goals and become wiser in my career. I strongly believe that both are very very important for everyone.

What can we expect from Diala in 2019?

I can't really promise anything specific, because I think my life is very unpredictable and exciting! But what I can tell you to expect is; hard work, consistency and more success if god wills. 

Exclusive Grail Content, Naira Mostafa, Contributing Editor