A Glimpse Into Farah Hammad's World

Photo; Courtesy of Farah Hammad

Photo; Courtesy of Farah Hammad

Fashion design has been a lifelong dream for Farah Hammad. Growing up between London and Paris, two of the world’s fashion capitals has undoubtedly influenced her passion as a fashion designer. Determined to follow her dream, Farah studied fashion design, took up an apprenticeship and attended the Paris Fashion Institute program. Although she has been exposed to a multitude of cultures, it has always been the woman of effortless style that has inspired her. Simplicity combined with delicate textiles and prints is what has influenced her in creating whimsical and effortlessly chic designs that exude femininity and elegance. Each silhouette has a romantic and modern touch which, reflects and accentuates the female form. Farah Hammad’s clothing line is about making women feel good about themselves, a desire to make them feel beautiful and compassion for those less fortunate, which is why a percentage of each purchase is donated to various charities. We were lucky enough to discuss with the designer Farah her latest work, inspirations, and what’s next for the brand. Read on as Farah sheds some light on her career as a fashion designer and gives us a sneak peek into her upcoming collection along with some of her best career advice.

When did you first realize that fashion was more than a hobby to you?

I remember when I was a little girl I used to always draw dresses and choose themes for each design. I used to collect fashion magazines and create fashion collages. I remember seeing this Dior advertisement that really inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion designer. It grew more and more when I was in college. I used to style my friends and pick out their outfits. I used to sketch whenever I got inspired and watched Project Runway and imagined one day I would start my own clothing line.

My intention is to create timeless pieces that would stay in your wardrobe for years.
— Farah Hammad

Do you have someone you look up to in the fashion industry?

A lot actually! Zimmerman, Johanna Ortiz, Oscar De La Renta, Toni Maticevski, D&G, Elizabeth and James, Jonathan Simkhai, Brandon Maxwell, Ashi Studio, and Elie Saab. But, Azzedine Alaia the most, because he was a true genius, a master at his craft as he really understood the female body like no other. He’s a legend! May he rest in peace. 


How is working in fashion different today than when you started out?

The competition is getting stronger and a lot more Arab designers are getting recognized internationally. Of course, social media played a huge part in that. 


If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before the beginning of your career, what would it be?

To not be so scared, not get stressed out so easily and take things one-step at a time. An obstacle is not the end of the world (Even when you think it is at the time). Everything will happen the way it’s meant to. Just remember and truly believe in that. All your hard work and effort will not go unrecognized. It will happen when it’s your time to shine. Timing is everything.

Do you think social media plays a huge role in fashion today?

Absolutely, the fashion industry is seeing a major shift in its inspiration for designs and trends, all thanks to social media and sites like Instagram and Facebook. It influences designers in unique ways that are changing the way many designers create their designs.  You see how influencers and fashion bloggers can influence major designers via social media channels. It acts as a platform for fashion designers and they take advantage of that by reaching customers on a new level that is more intimate and interactive.

What’s your favorite part about being a designer?

When I see a client of mine so happy, comfortable and confident in my creation. It’s just priceless!

What advice would you give to young designers just starting out and hoping to make it in the fashion industry?

To do their research before they start. They should go to social events to meet people in the industry, as it’s very curial to network. It’s a tough industry so you have to be unique and creative. What’s different about your clothing line? What makes it appealing?  You have to believe in yourself, because people sense it when you’re not confident about your line. Also, stay true to yourself and trust your gut, don’t follow what’s in when it contradicts your brands philosophy. Lastly, before they launch their collection, they should hold a focus group and invite friends, family and strangers to view their collection and give their opinions, and they can choose to alter or change a design completely. Alanoud Badr (Fozaza) gave me this advice before I even started. I will forever be thankful for her support and advice. 


What was the inspiration behind your SS19 collection?

I spent the summer in Spain, in a beach town outside of Barcelona and got inspired by the beautiful mosaics and tiles there.  I also, wanted to do a collection inspired by the sea, the ultimate summer wardrobe for an endless summer beneath the stars and palm trees.  I was inspired by the waves, palm trees, and underwater creatures like seashells and starfish. You will see the colors and shapes reflected in the collection. 

What’s next for Farah Hammad?

I’ve been thinking about working on a Resort collection for some time now. Maybe next year I’ll be able to work on that.

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