Is Vetements Coming To An End?


Creative director and Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia is stepping down from the fashion label he co-founded with his brother, Vetements, according to WWD.

In the statement released, he said: “I started Vetements because I was bored of fashion and against all odds fashion did change once and forever since Vetements appeared and it also opened a new door for so many. So I feel that I have accomplished my mission of a conceptualist and design innovator at this exceptional brand, and Vetements has matured into a company that can evolve its creative heritage into a new chapter on its own.”


But can the brand really “evolve its creative heritage” as Gvasalia mentioned? It’s hard to believe, considering other luxury brands have been stealing the spotlight from Vetements ever since he started focusing on Balenciaga more.

Balenciaga has become the new Vetements ever since Demna stepped in as creative director. Gvasalia shifted the brand’s vision and we can’t fail to notice the resemblance to Vetements in many of the designs. As a consequence, it affected the brand’s future in the fashion industry.


Gvasalia leaving Vetements could mean the end for the brand, considering the entire label was built on his creative vision — the one thing that made it stand out among other fashion houses. So unless Vetements plans on working with a creative director as big as Demna Gvasalia, if not bigger, we should all start saying our goodbyes to the streetwear brand. 

Exclusive Grail Content Naira Mostafa, Junior Editor

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