Stalker Breaks Into Taylor Swift’s Home


On Tuesday, David Page Liddle, 32, was arrested outside of Taylor Swift’s house in Rhode Island. He has been charged with possession of burglary tools and arrested for the crime.

David Page, originally from Iowa, claimed he knew Swift personally and was coming to “visit and catch up”. Unfortunately for him, he was caught with a bag containing 30 lock picks, a window-entry rake and an aluminum baseball bat that, of course, proved his claim wrong.

It was stated that Liddle may have visited other properties belonging to Swift before and is now under a no-contact order that strictly restricts him from coming near any of Swift’s properties. The suspect will undergo mental evaluation.


Luckily, Swift was not on the property when the attempted break-in happened. However, this wasn’t the first time Swift’s property has been endangered by a stalker. Back in March, an alleged stalker, Roger Alvarado, broke into her Manhattan apartment after he shattered a window and successfully entered. Luckily, Swift wasn’t home.

Exclusive Grail Content Naira Mostafa, Junior Editor