Norine Farah Takes Over The Fashion Industry

Photo: Courtesy of Norine Farah

Photo: Courtesy of Norine Farah

All the top events and celebrated dress sightings in the region seem to have one thing in common. It's the phenomenal name Norine Farah. The talented Norine quickly became the most sought after designer with her wearable art pieces gracing our beloved stars. Famed fashion icons like Amina Khalil and Jamila Awad flaunted Norine Farah's haute couture during their most important moments.

Decisively and with unwavering passion, Norine didn't think twice and kicked her way into fashion after waking up one day deciding to quit her job and turn her painting studio into an atelier holding her name. Today, we thank Norine for her glamorous designs that serve as a definition of confidence, elegance, and unbounded artistic expression. Norine undoubtedly spearheads in presenting the country on an international level. Taking unprecedented leaps, Norine Farah became the first Egyptian designer to participate in New York Fashion Week after only one year of launching her brand. Norine Farah's debut collection, Oasis, caught the spotlight at Tifanny's FW16 show in New York with an extravagant appearance showcasing outstanding patterns and unique cuts. On top of that, Norine pioneered the design of luxury swimwear in SS15 collection with sexy and distinctive beach looks. We were lucky enough to squeeze into Norine’s busy schedule for an exclusive interview, read as the designer opens up about her journey in fashion.


Now we're not surprised Norine Farah's edgy looks redefined the trends. Norine Farah's designs became an awaited marvel in all occasions. From Cairo Film Festival, El Gouna Film Festival, or her starting point, Cairo Fashion Festival, Norine gets all the buzz. Collection after collection, Norine earned herself a slew of feats not short of London Fashion Week shows or Elle Magazine features. Certainly, she is the woman of the hour wherever she goes. Bold and daring, Norine takes over the fashion world in dashing speed and style. 

Photo: Courtesy of Norine Farah

Photo: Courtesy of Norine Farah

I do not believe in competition, I believe in art. That’s what I value most.
— Norine Farah

What is one thing that most people may not know about you?

Even though I'm a social butterfly, I love spending time alone. I really respect my me time. Many would be surprised to know that staring at a blank wall for hours is my specialty. 

Photo: Courtesy of Norine Farah

Photo: Courtesy of Norine Farah

When did you start getting into fashion? 

I started early on but it wasn't a hit. When I was still in high school, I began experimenting with designing but I never fully succeeded in achieving what I envisioned as I didn’t have enough time. 

Did you always envision yourself as the highly talented designer you are today?

Not at all! I only knew that I would be doing something that makes me wake up feeling happy every morning. Today, I’m very fortunate to have achieved that.

When did you decide to create your brand?

Fashion has always been a part of my life, a passion that was always there as far as I remember. However, I professionally started my company in 2014.

Photo: Courtesy of Norine Farah

Photo: Courtesy of Norine Farah

When I put my head into something, I get it done in excellence.
— Norine Farah

What are some challenges you faced when you first started your career? 

Gaining trust from clients wasn’t an easy task at all. Having a good reputation is a challenge in general as people mostly remember your mistakes more than they remember your successes. It’s human nature. Another challenge I also faced was finding the right labor, which is definitely not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of energy to achieve the quality you aim for and perfection is not an achievable task. Besides, there’s always room for better work.

How did you overcome those challenges?

I overcame the challenges through hard work, persistence, and aiming high. Another thing that helped me big time is focusing on myself rather than others — I do not believe in competition, I believe in art. That's what I value most.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

My favorite part of the job will always be the actual designing — the time where I turn off my phone, sit on the floor, and create. Nothing beats that feeling. 

Where do you go for inspiration when working on a new line?

A chill getaway. I go for three to five days of uninterrupted me time on a beach with my dog, book, speakers, small notebook, and pen to scribble my thoughts. That's all I need.

How do you want women to feel when wearing your designs?

That's a nice one. I never get asked that question although that’s the most important one of all. Evoking confidence is my main goal. A happy confident woman is a beautiful woman, and that’s what I always aim for. 

Photo: Courtesy of Norine Farah

Photo: Courtesy of Norine Farah

What advice would you give to young girls who look up to you and want to enter the field of fashion design?

I would say don’t weigh the positives and the negatives. Start anywhere, start small, and let it unfold. I promise your good intentions and hard work will definitely pay off. Any step forward will lead you forward.

What's next for Norine Farah?

Taking over the world! I want to try everything and push my limits. I want to experiment in all aspects fashion related. You name it and I’ll do it. When I put my head into something, I get it done in excellence.

Exclusive Grail Content Youmna Halawa, Senior Editor