Drake’s Father Dennis Graham Gets Candid With Grail

Photo: Courtesy of  Drake

Photo: Courtesy of Drake

Dennis Graham, musical artist and father of generational icon Drake, gives us many reasons why he's our favorite dad in the music industry. Graham is an accomplished drummer, singer, and not to mention Drizzy's first inspiration. Leading an illustrious career in music, Dennis started out as a self-taught pianist performing at hotels then played drums for over 20 years aside the famed rock and roll star Jerry Lee Lewis. Today, he is still at the peak of his professional success having released the hit Kinda Crazy a year ago and his newest single That On That. Dennis Graham, a jazz, blues, and soul artist at heart is now having the time of his life with his new music and is savouring his proud moments with his son being one of the biggest names of our time. Like father like son, Drake transferred his inspiration and love for music from his father to unimaginable levels.

The Memphis native Dennis grew up in a family that has music running in their veins. With his uncle being a renowned music producer, his brother a bassist, his cousin a guitarist for Al Green, and himself a distinguished artist, Dennis inevitably led Drake to follow the family's footsteps and become the world sensation he is. Even though Dennis and his son were seperated by distance, their relationship stayed strong and the two's passion for music particularly enforced their bond. A special activity the duo bonded over is their roadtrips from Toronto to Memphis where they shared their music, sung, and had quality time in 18 hour drives. And guess what? Drake has his dad's portrait tattooed on his right bicep as a symbol of Graham's great influence on his life. Without a doubt, not any father gets to have his face tattooed on his son's arm. Sharing with his son success after the other, Dennis was by Drake's side during his life-changing moments in award shows. On top of that, he often accompanied Drake on many of his tours and proudly witnessed his son growing into a megastar.

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Aside from his talent in music, Dennis Graham is known for his unique flashy style, from his suits to his accessories. He is often seen wearing flamboyant suits in vibrant colors, prints, and even bold shimmers along with a matching hat. He is also spotted flaunting funky durags as well as big statement necklaces. Other than that, Dennis is famed for his A-list friends and is always seen socializing with big-names in the top events where the spotlight often follows. And we can say that's where the idea behind his new television show came from. Fame and Family, Graham's newest project, is set to air soon. The show, interviewing the families of our favorite stars, will present us to insider news and stories that have not been revealed before, right from the celebrities' parents. Dennis, being chatty, fun, and such a television-personality, he is of course the perfect host for Fame and Family as a celebrity and a parent of a star himself.

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With Dennis Graham in between filming Fame and Family and viral music videos, we had the distinct privilege of talking to him not only about his upcoming works but also about his relationship with his phenomenal son Drake. In the following lines, we present to you Dennis Graham's first interview in the Middle East with Grail, getting up close with undisclosed sides of his life.

We’re very excited about your new television show Fame and Family, can you tell us more about it? 

Fame and Family came about through a friend who is affiliated with Sony pictures. My friend approached me about the idea and we put it into motion. The idea is to interview the parents of superstars and give people a glimpse into the family life of their favorite celebrities and showing something new to the people.

What first sparked the idea of Fame and Family?

The idea sparked when Reno Logan explained to me that no one was doing anything like this and that change is needed. The initial idea was a show where we talk to Mom-and-Pop restaurant owners, family businesses, and small nightclub owners. However, the idea later evolved into what it is today, which is focused on superstars' parents.

We know that music has always been a huge part of your life, what was the biggest inspiration behind your first single Kinda Crazy?

I wrote Kinda Crazy about 10 or 12 years ago and I always had a feeling that it would become my signature song, and it did! I finally decided to release it and I'm glad it went viral with over a million views.

When can we expect more music from you?

I have a new single out right now called That On That. We just finished filming the video and we'll be releasing it soon. Actually, there are lots of things in the fire for me!

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Are you planning on collaborating with Drake on music anytime soon?

I am sure a collaboration with Drake is something that will happen soon. But we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Seeing Drake become the artist he is now means the world to me.
— Dennis Graham

Do you believe that your love for music inspired Drake as a child to dive into it as well?

Yes, I think that it definitely had an influence on him as a child. You can say it runs in the family.

What has it been like seeing your son become one of the biggest artists in the world?

Seeing Drake become the artist he is now means the world to me. I always believed in him and I’m very proud of everything he has accomplished.

Considering how big Drake is now in the music industry, can you share with us a proud-dad moment you’ve experienced?

My proudest moment was in June 2009 when I found out that he signed with Young Money Records, Lil Wayne’s label. 

Yes, by all means I would love to visit Egypt.
— Dennis Graham

We can’t help but admire your extraordinary style, when did you first start wearing your signature suits? 

Since forever. I have always dressed to impress. So, that has always been my style.

We know that you’ve been traveling to different places lately, would you ever consider visiting Egypt? 

Yes, by all means I would love to visit Egypt.

What about Drake? Do you think Egypt could make it into one his upcoming world tours?

You never know, anything is possible.

What’s next for Dennis Graham? 

I have new music in the works and I am receiving phone calls on a daily basis with new opportunities. All I can say now is stay tuned!

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