The Art Of Yoga With Amina Taha

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

Amina Taha is hands down a must-follow for every yogi. As one of the biggest names in yoga, Amina created one of the most positive and inspiring platforms to share her passion. And guess what, it all began out of simple curiosity. Egyptian based in New York Amina turned her passion for yoga into profession, giving classes that are known for being spot on and in high demand. Alongside teaching yoga in New York, Amina influences a better lifestyle and shares her passion for yoga with over 270,000 followers on Instagram.

Amina Taha was born in Cairo, Egypt and as a young girl she wasn't into sports or flexibility. However, Amina always had an interest in movement in general. She studied fine arts and philosophy in the American University in Cairo then afterwards pursued a career in fashion. Studying fashion in Paris then getting her masters degree in New York, Amina took every step to achieve her dream of becoming a fashion designer. All the while, everything was unfolding for her to find her true calling. Amina first discovered yoga in Abu Dhabi when she had recently moved to the Emirates. Around that time, Amina was also starting her first full time job in fashion. At 27, out of intrigue, she went to a yoga class and it became a habit step by step. What devoted Amina to yoga was her amazement at the things her body can do and how yoga can change her state to the better both mentally and physically. Quickly, Amina was hooked and yoga gradually became a huge part of her life. Without realizing, Amina has been carving out her career in yoga from the very first session.

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

Today, Amina Taha is an accomplished yoga instructor in New York. After she had quit her 9 to 5 job, had her training in yoga teaching, she made a living out of her passion. And for yogis and non-yogis nonetheless, Amina blesses our timelines with the most positive vibes and the cutest appearances of her baby Malik and her dog Leo all while she's doing impressive poses. She even gives mothers helpful tips on how to practice yoga during pregnancy and after birth. On top of that, Amina released a collection of yoga classes, Living Room Yoga Sessions, that are designed for beginners.

Amina's journey shows us how everything falls into place in the right way. Amina got introduced to yoga at 27 and she didn't say it's too late. Indeed, it's practice with determination that transforms bodies and minds. Amina believes that no body is unready for yoga. With her platform never short of uplifting content, Amina inspires thousands to achieve fulfilling lifestyles and to embrace the magic the human body can do. And as a mother with her baby constantly running around her while she's taking videos, Amina posts both adorable and genuine content. Without a doubt, Amina proved herself a motivation for a positive flow of yoga and of life.

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

We know that you travel all over the world, however Egypt seems to be more of a regular stop. What makes it so special to you?

I am originally Egyptian, so Egypt is my first home! It’s where my family and a lot of friends live. Although I didn’t spend my earlier years growing up in Egypt, every summer I can remember was spent in the North Coast of Egypt. I have such strong memories there and I plan to do the same with my son. Egypt will always be a home to me. 

What was the transition like for you from Egypt to New York?

Before moving to New York to continue my studies, I first left from Cairo to Paris to study fashion design. The transition from Egypt to Paris was softer, as I visited often and was closer to home. It prepped me for moving further away and finding a bit more of a detachment into a new life elsewhere. So, staying in Paris first made the transition to New York easier.

We know that you studied fashion design in New York, do you plan on taking your studies any further?

I did my masters in fashion design in New York and I don’t plan on studying fashion any further. But I am definitely planning on continuously studying yoga, movement, and whatever captures my interest. That's what I'm setting my mind to now.

There’s always a you before yoga and a you after yoga.
— Amina Taha

What first sparked your interest in yoga?

It was just a simple curiosity that led me to a yoga class. My interest in getting to know my body a little better kept me going back. Then, step by step, it became my life.

What made you decide to turn it into a career?

It was a smooth, gradual transition that happened very organically. I never woke up and decided to make it my career. It was more like I was doing something I loved, something that I'm able to sustain a life out of. So, here I am.

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

What’s the key to being as flexible as you are in your practice? 

Using your breath to create space, create ease and finding stability within your ease - along with consistent practice. I never had expectations of my body and I always believed I could achieve whatever I set my mind to with mindful practice.

Do you practice anything other than yoga?

Now I work on resistance training at the gym a couple of times a week.

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

Do you believe yoga changed your life?

Definitely. There’s always a you before yoga and a you after yoga.

What’s your advice to beginner yogis?

Enjoy your practice. It's the only way to start making a habit out of yoga.

Can you tell us more about your diet?

I eat intuitively. I don’t believe in restricting diets or associating guilt with food. Food is fuel, it’s energy. I try to eat things that make me feel good during and after the meal. I don’t eat fast food, or drink soda, or any of that. Home cooked meals top any other food. I'm also not guilty to say I love desserts.

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

Photo: Courtesy of Amina Taha

Do you think diet plays a huge role in your practice?

I am quite active and I think eating intuitively helps me sustain the things I do - whether it’s yoga, or walking around the city to class, or biking with my husband, or even just chasing after my baby. If I don’t eat enough, I get fatigued and dizzy. The same thing happens if I eat things that aren’t very nutritional. At the end of the day, I eat to feel good, to fuel my body, and to have energy.

What are some rules Amina Taha lives by?

I can only think of one: to be grateful everyday.

Exclusive Grail Content Youmna Halawa, Senior Editor