The Must-Have Beauty Trend for 2019


We can't help but notice a throwback trend that's starting to take over. Hair accessories are making a huge comeback in 2019. Just like in the 90s, we'll be spending multiple hours trying to get the hair clip style right, getting our inspiration from celebrities, the runway, and fashion bloggers. We're definitely getting excited to see the playful girly hairstyles along with the smart sleek looks crowned with hair clips, bobby pins, barrettes, and more trendy hair accessories.


One of the greatest kickstarts for this trend is Bella Hadid, who made an effortless street style look with all her hair up in a silver Alexander Wang claw clip. The trend setter was also spotted with minimal barrettes side parting her locks, adding to the black & white 90s vibe look a simple sweet touch.


And during the Versace show of course, Bella turned heads rocking gilded statement hair clips, along with Emily Ratajkowski who both set our expectations for the neatest hairstyles. 


All the while, crystal Gucci hair clip craze took over Instagram. The extravagant clip states GUCCI in rhinestones, making it a bold wearable piece. Also worthy of mention is that the future holds some fancy for more hair accessories as seen on the runway. In the Dolce & Gabbana show, there was a take on floral headpieces and clips as a vivid statement. As showcased by Prada, Tom Ford, and Kate Spade, colorful headbands and hair scarves are expected to make elegant appearances.

Photo: Courtesy of Kitsch

Photo: Courtesy of Kitsch

A more affordable hair accessory go to is at Kitsch. They have a plentiful collection varying from large snap clips to scrunshies. They are most known for their fun statement rhinestone bobby pins that can be styled literally anyway.

And since you're probably dying now to recreate the hair accessory styles and reminisce on middle school times, try out this look to stay in style during Spring/Summer 2019:

Photo: Courtesy of Kitsch

Photo: Courtesy of Kitsch

Wet Hair Look + Statement Hair-Clip: 
Spray your hair wet and set it with gel then style a clean neat part. Place your clips behind your ears to rock the sophisticated sleek look that's perfect for both a morning at the beach and a chic night out.

Grail Exclusive Content Youmna Halawa, Contributing Editor