Overcoming Diet Struggles


We’ve all been there. Doing everything we think we should be doing and not seeing any positive changes in our bodies later. Following our strict diets; either the ones we came across on the internet that claim we can lose a ton of weight in less than a month or the ones we’ve been following through those “expert” nutritionists. Struggling with seeing results, we eventually end up giving up on ourselves. We start believing that maybe we’re just meant to be overweight no matter what we eat or do. But the truth is, sometimes eating in a calorie-deficit won’t get the job done for you. There are numerous other things you should consider that may be preventing you from losing those extra pounds. The key is to first identify the root of the problem and then tackle it. After realizing that, we did our research and decided to share it with you.  Instead of punishing yourselves with strict diets  that have temporary results, try overcoming the issues that are constantly making you gain that extra weight. 



Not working out is one of the most obvious reasons you might not be losing weight. Watching what you put in your mouth is only one aspect in losing weight that goes parallel with exercising—most people think burning calories is just doing some cardio such as running or swimming. Of course cardiovascular exercises increase fat-burning, but also doing some resistance exercises—like lifting weights two or three times a week—can help in preventing metabolic slowdown, and increase fat-loss while helping you maintain a toned body.


Most of us would freak out if we found out that our cellphone wasn’t charging all night. Your own precious body gets exhausted everyday. When it’s night time, the least you could do is give it a chance to recharge and relax—otherwise, it won’t function properly. The lack of a good sleep at night is one of the factors that might hinder your weight loss program.

Not Drinking Enough Water 

During the cold winter days, some people forget to drink water to hydrate and replace it with juice or soda—which are filled with sugar. They don’t realize that drinking water before meals may help in reducing appetite, which helps in decreasing the amount of calorie-intake—leading to more weight loss. Not drinking enough water could also cause serious health problems such as kidney damage, that could make your body to turn to your liver for support—making weight-loss impossible as the remaining fat gets stored instead of burned off. Think ahead and save yourself the hassle by making sure to stay hydrated every day. Drinking at least 2 liters of water per day will not only help you lose weight and stay healthy, but also nourish your skin.

Medical Condition 

Having a medical condition could make weight-loss ten times harder, especially if you’re not aware of having a problem to begin with. Sometimes it may be the main reason you’re gaining so much weight even though you’re following all instructions on your diet. So before you assume anything check with your doctors. A monthly check up should do. Better safe than sorry.

Eating Amnesia 

“I’ll just have one bite,” that’s what most people over and over. That one tiny piece could turn into a whole cake in no time. Before wondering why you aren’t losing weight or even complaining, take a step back and think of all those tiny bites you took. You thought your body wouldn’t notice it, but it always does. Think of your body as a grocery bag—you keep filling it with tiny things—and I hate to break it to you, but your “grocery bag” will be filled with calories before you even know it. So mind what you’re eating even if it’s a tiny bite. Every calorie counts.

Exclusive Grail Content Dina El Ebissy, Contributing Editor