Khaled Dewan Walks Us Through His Inspirational Journey

You can contact Khaled Dewan on

You can contact Khaled Dewan on

Former rugby player and certified nutritionist, Khaled Dewan, is here to talk about his journey and how he managed to help people change their lifestyle into a healthy one. His inspirational journey started about eight years ago when he became a certified fitness trainer. Dewan has worked with top level athletes such as Mohamed Salah and Nour El Sherbiny where he gave them nutrition tips to help them maintain a balanced diet, and he is here exclusively to share his tips and tricks to a healthier body and talk about his experience throughout these eventful eight years.

If I had one giant microphone, and I can only say one sentence that would reach the whole universe, I would say “YOU ARE DIFFERENT”.
— Khaled Dewan

How did your journey start with fitness? 

My journey started around 2009, When I used to be a rugby player.  One day, in a game, I was hit by the strongest man in egypt back then and broke my clavicle bone. After Recovering from the injury, I was totally out of shape and performance and had to hit the gym more often to put my self back on track. When I returned, shortly after the first injury, I had another one. Fast forward, I had almost no support from my rugby’s head coach back then. So, with the help of a dear friend,  I decided to quit and focus more on weightlifting until I can come back an updated, newer version of myself. What happened, is that I loved the science of training more than anything else, and it became my passion to learn about every single thing regarding, fitness, health, nutrition, performance and body transformation. 

I now coach and have coached athletes from all different sports, including rugby, football (Mo Salah) and squash (Nour Elsherbini), how to get and stay on top of their game. 

Photo: Courtesy of Khaled Dewan | Instagram: @khaleddewan |

Photo: Courtesy of Khaled Dewan | Instagram: @khaleddewan |

What motivated you into turning it to a business?

Nothing was carefully planned as someone would think, I just listen to what’s inside of me and follow it. It never failed me. 

What was the biggest challenge you faced along the way of becoming a certified health coach?

The amount of hard work I have to keep doing in order to show and introduce the latest and newest life changing info into the lifestyle transformation field, without a dramatic backlash. But It is way easier now, since people are way more ready and eager to learn more about healthy lifestyle transformation like never before. 

What advice would you give people who wish to improve their nutrition, specifically what do you suggest they stop doing? 

If I had one giant microphone, and I can only say one sentence that would reach the whole universe, I would say “YOU ARE DIFFERENT” - Your life is unique to you, your childhood is unique, your day to day is unique, your experiences are different, your genes are different. The answer is most certainly NOT a magical diet paper and it will never be. The answer is 

  • Healthy human connections 

  • Finding your purpose 

  • Always learn and improve

  • Practice mindfulness 

  • Listen more to what life is trying to tell you 

  • Eat more veggies 

  • Replace your current meals with healthier options 

  • MOVE - Walk, jog, dance 

  • Protect your sleep 

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Correct nutrient deficiencies 

  • Take healthy fats , Omega 3, Coconut oil, avocado, grass-fed butter, olive oil, nuts, seeds, etc. 

  • Fuel your life with purpose and accomplishments 

  • If you’re tired and can’t do that, look for someone ho will listen and understand you. Someone who will support you get on your feet again and get your prioritize in check. 

  • Culture: You’re the average of the 5 people around you. 

  • Spend quality time with people who are a better than you, kill your ego. 

  • And the list goes on 

Photo Courtesy of Khaled Dewan | Instagram: @khaleddewan |

Photo Courtesy of Khaled Dewan | Instagram: @khaleddewan |

What essential things you recommend that people incorporate into their diet if they want to lose or gain weight? 

It “highly” depends, but here are some general recommendations: 

  • Track what you eat - Write a food journal 

  • Eat till 80% full

  • Never leave yourself go hungry, especially If you’re just starting 

  • Leave your fork between bite - a.k.a eat slowly 

  • Eat salad before lunch 

  • Eat protein with every meal (eggs, beef, chicken) 

  • Eat 5 to 7 serving of veggies a day (can be 2 salads a day) 

  • Remove wheat and dairy if you have intolerance (follow an elimination diet) 

  • When you do this for 2-4 weeks, start counting your calories for 2-3 more weeks 

  • Never let your weight scale and/or calories control your life

  • Use your energy, focus, clothes and vitality as progress measures. 

And the list goes on. 

How do you suggest treating appetite loss? 

Check with your doctor first, it’s not a normal thing to lose appetite for a few days or weeks. You are either to psychologically burdened or have an underlying condition. 

What are some of the most common thing people suffer from when they begin the process of getting in shape? 

Eliminating the food they love - which is mostly the cause behind wanting to lose weight. 

How do you help them through it as a nutritionist and fitness trainer? 

Giving healthy, delicious replacements.

Photo Courtesy of Khaled Dewan | Instagram: @khaleddewan |

Photo Courtesy of Khaled Dewan | Instagram: @khaleddewan |

What was a huge turning point in your career that made you think you were doing exactly what you loved? 

When a mother called me telling me “Thank you for bringing me back my daughter, when I thought that there was no hope seeing her smile again.” 

Oh,  and when Mo Salah called me for nutrition consultation!

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